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Ascension Sunday Matins Podcast

Follow along by downloading the worship bulletin

We will not be having worship services on Sunday as Pastor is out of town this weekend. We will resume services next Sunday.

Today is the Ascension of Our Lord. We normally transfer that service to Sunday, but I’m making it available today. The peace of the Lord be with you always. Amen.

Resumption of Services

We will be having services beginning on Sunday, May 10th. The elders and I have had a few discussions about the best way to proceed with opening the church back up for services. We have reviewed the directions from the district as well and have come up with the following items:

  1. Anyone planning to attend should be symptom free and not considered “at-risk.”
  2. Please enter the church only through the doors upstairs. We will have someone opening the doors in order to limit contact.
  3. We will be removing the hymnals from the pews for the time being and will have the worship service printed out. Please grab one on your way in.
  4. Families should practice the recommended six feet of physical distancing. Do not sit directly behind another family.
  5. The offering plate will be at the entrance to the Nave.
  6. There should be no shaking of hands or physical contact.

We will also be doing the following for the Lord’s Supper

  1. The preparation of the Lord’s Supper will be performed by pastor.
  2. Pastor will wash his hands prior to distribution.
  3. We will practice physical distancing of families and ask that you only stand at the communion rail and refrain from touching it.

We will continue to make the Matins service podcast available.

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